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Concierge-style service helps users begin using DayMark’s automated food labeling platform quickly and easily

DayMark Safety Systems is introducing Flight Plan, a concierge-style service that includes a comprehensive suite of customer service options.

The service is designed to help users quickly and easily begin using DayMark’s automated food labeling platform, which includes three app-driven components:

•   MenuCommand, a user-friendly dashboard designed for use at the corporate level and can be accessed on any PC or Mac. MenuCommand delivers a centralized management and communication tool for menu data, training materials, and other critical information.

•   MenuPilot, an app that allows information from MenuCommand to be shared with one or hundreds of foodservice operators around the globe.

•   Matt85, a hardware bundle that includes an Android tablet and a Bluetooth-enabled label printer available exclusively through DayMark.*

“It’s all designed to help improve efficiencies and ensure food safety and compliance,” says Jeff Gayer, Executive Vice President of Product Development. “Flight Plan helps users get on board and take flight as soon as the system is delivered.”

According to Gayer, there are four different Flight Plan levels:

The Standard Flight Plan

This plan includes the generation of a corporate location and user admin credentials, training via one monthly live webinar, user templates for populating menu data and 15 days of support via a private hotline to a dedicated concierge.


A step up from the standard plan, the Attendant level provides the setup of a corporate/store hierarchy, a one-on-one training using a webinar format, the population and importing of customer-provided menu data and 30 days of dedicated concierge support.

First Officer

The First Officer plan provides the corporate/store hierarchy setup and menu data population/import that the Attendant level offers; however, it also includes an on-site in-depth training session and 45 days of dedicated concierge support.


The highest level of support includes everything from the First Officer plan plus a few extra perks. The training session is on-site for one corporate and two regional locations and the user receives 90 days of dedicated concierge support. In addition, recipe files and data will be loaded into MenuCommand by the concierge.

“Because every establishment is different, we can’t suggest that any of these plans is a one-size-fits all option” adds Gayer. “It all depends on how much help and how quickly the user wants to put the platform to work.”

*MenuCommand, MenuPilot, and Matt85 are all registered trademarks of DayMark Safety Systems.

About DayMark® Safety Systems

Established in 1989, DayMark Safety Systems provides the food service industry with efficient, economical, and innovative labeling, as well as other products and services in the areas of facility safety, employee safety, food safety and technology and support. DayMark revolutionized labeling for federal food code compliance with the introduction of DissolveMark™ dissolvable labels; MoveMark™ removable labels; and ToughMark™ repositionable labels.

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