Gastros expands portfolio with two built-in cooking units for the front cooking area with immediate effect

Until now, Gastros Switzerland was known as a manufacturer of undercounter induction holding systems, which are installed invisibly under counters and buffets. But we wanted more! Therefore, after an intensive period of engineering, we are excited to introduce our latest addition to the Gastros product range and proudly present our new InductCook® built-in units!

We are expanding our InductCook® range. In addition to the already existing InductCook® 330 table-top appliance, two built-in appliances InductCook® 120 (size GN1/2) and InductCook® 220 (size GN1/1) are now available. Furthermore the InductCook® 220 can be operated in two separate cooking zones with separate controls.

Show kitchen with pleasant ambient heat – without the smell of gas

 Gastros’ main focus has always been with the customer. That’s why our portfolio includes products for keeping food warm in, on and under a wide variety of buffet solutions, mobile food carts and room service tables with battery modules. With the Cook devices, we are opening up another sector adding to a positive experience for customers: the show kitchen.

The InductCook® modules are ready for use at once. This means that dishes and food can be prepared right in front of the customers – without any waiting time, directly, quickly and hygienically. In addition, induction technology ensures a pleasant room climate, as the heat is generated directly during the meal and only a minimal amount of ambient heat is produced.

Advantages at a glance:

  • High effectiveness of approx. 95% – high efficiency – high cooking capacity – minimal energy loss.
  • Immediately ready for use at full power, as electrical energy is converted directly into heat in the pan – no more heating time.
  • Smaller heat emissions to the environment compared to other cooking systems – more pleasant indoor climate.
  • Flat surfaces for easy cleaning and the best possible hygiene.
  • Lowest operating costs (energy, cleaning, etc.)
  • High operational safety thanks to safety electronics.

For technical details and more information about the different InductCook® cooking solutions, please visit our website:

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