The Anti-Griddle™ is a traditional cooktop with an unexpected twist

Create some theatre by freezing appetisers and desserts in seconds with the PolyScience® Anti-Griddle™, now available from Sous Vide Tools.

The Anti-Griddle™ is a traditional cooktop with an unexpected twist. The device can freeze sauces and purees, crèmes and foams in seconds, right before the eyes of the diner.

Instant results

The stainless steel unit is compact and mobile, measuring just 358mm(h) x 95mm(w) x 187mm(d). Whether wheeled to table on a trolley, or placed on a table to add drama to a buffet, the Anti-Griddle™ will attract diners “eating with their eyes”. Within five to 10 minutes of operation, the griddle surface will reach a temperature of  -30 °F, ready to produce instant results. A thin film of olive oil applied to the surface before freezing will act as a release agent, then let the imagination run wild.

Develop solid or semi-frozen creations with stable, crunchy surfaces and cool, creamy centres. The dual-textures create a surprising and unique experience for unsuspecting diners. Examples of winning frozen combinations include a salmon mousse appetiser, a rhubarb jasmine meringue, and a caramel and rosemary vanilla lollipop with a liquid centre.

The high-endurance worktop provides an ample, easy-to-clean work surface, and the unit is supplied with detachable power leads, and both UK and European plugs.

Further details:

For more information on the PolyScience® Anti-Griddle™, which is priced at £1399.99 + VAT, or other products in the extensive Sous Vide Tools range, visit or call 01524 770060.

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