Eloma’s Backmaster Edition of GENIUS MT

The baking result is consistently of high quality and process reliability is guaranteed

Eloma is proud to present the Backmaster Edition of their combi steamer series GENIUS MT. The leading manufacturer of combi steamer and bake-off ovens is taking its more than 40 years of baking expertise onto the platform of its flagship product. Eloma does not consider this as a new development, but a logical consequence and target group focus in the product portfolio.

Nothing beats the smell of freshly baked rolls. Or do you prefer croissants, pretzels, bread? No matter your choice of serving fresh goods, with the Backmaster Edition of GENIUS MT it is made easy and done reliably. Whether in a hotel, in a coffee shop, in a restaurant, canteen or multiple-outlet operation – the baking result is consistently of high quality and process reliability is guaranteed. All true to the motto: Cooking and baking with ease. Systematically.

Customizable for every application and operator

In this sense, the baking version of GENIUS MT is equipped for a master of baking. The electric door opening ensures that the baking process stops once the program has finished. The adapted graphical user interface with baking mode is customizable for every application and operator. Integrated baking, snack and breakfast programs cover the entire daily offer. Thus, the unit provides complete flexibility in the process. The operator can continue using existing equipment as the optional Vario hanging rack accommodates both gastro norm and baking norm trays.

With this edition, the customer gets maximum flexibility as changing to the cooking mode is done with a single touch of a finger. Hence this version is the perfect unit to cover all applications of the gastronomical day.

Adaptable to every kitchen

Eloma is known for their solutions such as stacking kits which can also be used to combine the Backmaster Edition with a standard edition of GENIUS MT. The Multi-Eco hood with no protruding parts condenses steam from the exhaust pipe and discharges it through the drainage. This keeps the kitchen climate clean. The optional left-hinged door with the unique mirrored display ensures that the appliance adapts to every kitchen.

See, feel, hear, smell and taste yourself what Eloma and their product portfolio is all about at FHA Singapore 2018 (booth H4Q1-01, Suntec Level 4).

Further details:

Eloma GmbH is a leading manufacturer of combi-steamers and bake-off ovens for the professional field. The company’s philosophy ‘100 per cent Made in Germany’ guarantees the highest quality in appliances as well as for all processes demanded from today’s kitchen. The company was founded in 1975 and joined the international Ali Group in 2007. Eloma delivers to over 65 countries worldwide. Further information at www.eloma.com.


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