Comenda: granting superior hygiene

Comenda’s pragmatic approach adds up to great savings and the design of a powerful cleaning system that fits all operations

Sustainability, automation and cost control are key issues within commercial catering establishments today.

Using energy efficient equipment not only benefits the environment but can also bring huge benefits to the end-user, saving significant amounts in costs whilst still performing to a high standard.

From energy, water and chemicals saving features to the materials used in manufacturing, Comenda products are green and deliver superior hygiene, putting people first. It’s as much about improving the experience for frontline staff as it is ensuring patrons receive excellent service.

Comenda’s pragmatic approach is aimed to promote a more comfortable work environment as well as automation, preventing MSDs and other discomfort caused by repeated movements, prolonged work in standing and by fumes of hot, dirty water laden with chemicals and odors in the wash up area.

Granting superior hygiene

Through the processes of sanitization and thermodisinfection, the Comenda range allows a significant reduction in the amount of microbial life on the dishes, ensuring maximum hygiene, in compliance with and exceeding the current regulations and standards, protecting yourself, your colleagues, employees and customers.

Adding up to great savings

Our technology is proof that we take our approach to ecological sustainability very seriously. This is our commitment to cutting operational costs and make a better use and reuse of resources.

Designing powerful cleaning system that fit all operations

Our flexible and modular machines features angled solutions, so you can piece together powerful cleaning system that fit.
 This is where Comenda can really stand out: when you have to fit a relatively important sized operation into a very tight-fitting space, that’s when our technology comes into place.

Further details:

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