Cleaning solutions for reusable cups and dishes

Many industries are relying on washable plastic cups and dishes. But cleaning reusable containers is tough and requires special technology

HOBART’s experts know what is important when it comes to the hygienic washing and drying of reusable dishes.Based on many years of experience with warewashing solutions for plastic wash ware in the catering and event sector, the world market leader in commercial warewashing technology presents suitable warewashing solutions for every need.

These solutions are desiged for different kinds of reusable containers and dishwashers – from small undercounter machines to large conveyor dishwashers. Important: To achieve an optimal washing and drying result, the right combination of machine, rack system and chemicals is necessary.

Upgrade your undercounter dishwasher

It doesn’t always have to be a new machine. Some existing HOBART dishwashers can be upgraded in just a few steps and without any tools. The PREMAX GP/FP undercounter dishwashers with built-in TOP-DRY technology are unique on the market. In combination with the appropriate cleaning chemicals and the plastic rinse aid HYLINE HLP-7000, the machines ensure perfect cleaning and drying results for various reusable containers.

Plastic cups and lids are light and need to be held in place when washing in the dishwasher. Specially developed rack systems, such as the reusable cup washing rack for up to 25 cups, ensure that the lightweight containers maintain their position during the process and are thus perfectly cleaned and dried.

External drying for hood-type dishwashers

Complete drying is essential for perfect hygiene of the dishes. The external drying device allows all HOBART hood-type machines to be upgraded for rinsing and drying cups and other plastic containers. In just 120 seconds, the reusable cups are dried and can be stacked or used again immediately. Special detergents and rinse aids not only reduce consumption thanks to their special formulation, but also ensure optimum rinsing and drying results at the same time.

Reusable dishwashing with the flight-type dishwasher

The FUX cleaning system by HOBART is the ideal machine for washing reusable cups and dishes at large events. It is the machine of choice when a lot of tableware has to be washed and dried in a very short time and has a capacity of up to 10,000 cups per hour. The powerful blow-out zone removes excess water.

In combination with high-performance drying, the cleaned cups leave the machine completely dry. With a maximum of quality and reliability as well as easy handling, the HOBART FUX cleaning system stands up to even the most complex cleaning requirements. It is exceptionally powerful and also has very low operating costs.

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