How to clean produce and save water at the same time

The kitchen has a high consumption of water and produce rinsing is among the biggest sources of usage, but smart equipment can help in the effort to curb waste

Rinsing produce under cold running water is the best way to clean produce, according to the Partnership for Food Safety Education. But when an operator is cleaning produce in bulk, one big concern can be the wasted water — not only from an environmental perspective but also from a cost-effective one.

With more than half — 52% — of a restaurant’s water use coming from the kitchen, produce rinsing is likely to be one of the biggest sources of extra water down the drain.

Rinse better with UltraRinse

UltraRinse, an innovative new product from T&S Brass, can help operators clean produce more effectively and even save water in the process.

UltraRinse is a patented, easy-to-use swing nozzle attachment equipped with unique angled fan spray tips to maximize surface area contact, making it the perfect tool for washing produce.

Save water while rinsing

The design experts at T&S Brass are well-versed in water conservation efforts, creating industry-leading, water-efficient products that meet the strictest water savings standards, and UltraRinse is specially designed to help operators save water.

Being more water efficient can decrease operating costs by 11% and lower energy and water use by 10-15%. Using UltraRinse instead of a standard faucet-rinsing method can help a foodservice operation save water — and, ultimately, money.

Keep it simple with UltraRinse

UltraRinse mounts directly under an existing faucet or pre-rinse unit and is operated with a simple two-position handle. An operator simply chooses “spray” to activate the UltraRinse sprayer or “fill” to turn on the nozzle for filling the sink.

UltraRinse is easy to install and retrofit compatible with all T&S manual faucets, accommodating both 12- and 18-inch faucet nozzles.

Learn more about UltraRinse and how this simple tool can help foodservice operators rinse more efficiently:


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