Classeq invests in latest data asset management system

As part of its mission to bring simplicity to the world of warewashing, Classeq has invested in a specially developed digital asset management system

Classeq is implementing this new software solution across its business partners, distributors, customers and suppliers and it means that the leading warewashing brand can now share, manage, edit and control all brand assets with them at just the click of a button.

According to Adam Lenton, marketing manager for Classeq, there are important benefits of the data management system:

“The new system allows us to share key elements of our branding portfolio with partners, distributors, customers etc. This includes product imagery, training and operation videos, presentations, animations, specification sheets, press releases, case studies, logos, fonts and much more.  There is easy access to our brand guidelines and all types of images and videos can be found and edited instantly. Also, there is the ability to create templates which allows our distribution partners to easily customise professional literature without having to purchase expensive design software.

“The new software system ties in with our ‘Simplicity Cycle’ where simplicity is the core value that underpins everything we do here at Classeq. We are proud of our brand and want to set ourselves apart from other warewashing manufacturers through our entire business ethos.”

“Our approach is imbedded right across our business offering, our products, customer service and after sales care are like no other warewashing manufacturer’s in the market. We are committed to making the experience of our people, partners and customers the most effortless and enjoyable it can be.”


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