Hoshizaki’s Emerald Class ice makers which use hydrocarbon, a natural, environmentally friendly refrigerant, has now been further extended. It’s believed to be the largest range of this type in the world

The naturally refrigerated* Emerald Class range of icemakers from industry leader Hoshizaki has been further extended and is now, the company claims, unequivocally, the largest of its type in the world. In fact, there are 17 Emerald Class models across both IM (cube) and FM (flake) ice machines available in the UK.

Ever increasing corporate and environment pressures to address global warming mean that responsible end users can play their part, without any compromise, by selecting their ideal model from the wide range available. These machines deliver the same outstanding quality, performance and consistency for which Hoshizaki is renowned, yet Emerald Class has no effect on ozone depletion and only a negligible global warming potential, measuring under 3. To put this into context, carbon dioxide has a measure of 1 while some of the older types of refrigerant could be measured in hundreds and even thousands.

As well as contributing to a better environment, there are several other very worthwhile advantages in choosing a Hoshizaki Emerald Class HC machine.

  • Hydrocarbon refrigerants are far more effective in conducting heat than fluorocarbon meaning that the machines consume significantly less energy and are cheaper to operate.
  • As well as conducting heat efficiently, hydrocarbon reduces the operating temperature within the ice maker’s compressor thus effectively contributing to extended longevity.
  • Because Hoshizaki is committed to working towards a sustainable future, all its Emerald Class HC machines are priced as per their HFC counterparts. Hoshizaki has confirmed that there will be no change to this in the foreseeable future.

Dramatic savings

Every Emerald Class HC machine uses less energy than its HFC equivalent, but some of the savings are particularly dramatic. For example, the IM-240, which has a production capacity of 220kgs per 24 hours, saves over 40% which in real terms, based on an average business electricity rate of 9.50p per kWh, would save £682 per year. Assuming the machine was well looked after and running well, this would mean savings of almost £7000 over a 10 year period.

“We use Hoshizaki ice makers throughout ROKA for their superior quality and reliability. The opening of our Aldwych restaurant in 2014 coincided with the launch of Hoshizaki’s environmentally friendly Emerald Class range which we had no hesitation in specifying. As a group, we are fully committed to reducing our carbon footprint however and wherever we can so the move to Emerald Class was a very easy decision,” says  Hamish Brown – group executive chef at Roka Restaurants.

Further details

Hoshizaki is the world’s largest manufacturer of commercial ice making equipment and, over its 70 year history, has pioneered the development of designs that respond to both market-driven and environmental demands.

*The hydrocarbon used in Hoshizaki’s machines is an environmentally sustainable, completely natural compound made up of only hydrogen and carbon produced by decomposed organic matter with zero effect on ozone and negligible GWP.

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