RATIONAL celebrates  1 million production milestone 

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The world market and technology leader in the field of hot food preparation for commercial kitchens produces the millionth combi-steamer

Hundreds of SelfCookingCenter® leave the RATIONAL factory in Landsberg am Lech just like any other day. Now a particular unit was produced that will hold a special place in company history because it is the millionth unit. “This is a major milestone for RATIONAL,” explains Peter Wiedemann, chief technical officer of RATIONAL AG. When Siegfried Meister founded the company in 1973, nobody imagined how successful it would become within such a short time. 

RATIONAL produced the first combi-steamer just three years after the company was founded, working to further refine and develop the technology since that time. Today, more than 130 million meals are prepared everyday in RATIONAL units around the world. 

The combi-steamer is going on a world tour 

Customer orientation and specialization are the not-so-secret ingredients to success at RATIONAL. From the very first day, the Landsbergers concentrated on offering the people working in commercial kitchens around the world the greatest possible benefit. “And it is exactly with these people that we are celebrating this milestone with,” says Dr. Peter Stadelmann, chairman of the board. 

As part of this celebration, the millionth combi-steamer will be displayed at major trade fairs around the globe. The milestone unit can easily be identified by the “1,000,000” written on its gold rotary knob and the customised control panel. 

“This SelfCookingCenter will be going to the Hofbräuhaus,” explains Dr. Stadelmann, “and so we will place the logo of the Munich institution in a highly visible position.” The SelfCookingCenter will be returning to Germany around the end of October for installation at the Hofbräuhaus. 

For the entrepreneurs within the company, as RATIONAL employees see themselves, this is no reason to rest — quite the contrary. “We know about four million commercial kitchens across the globe that use our technology to their benefit. A motivating number for us,” says Markus Paschmann, chief sales press information RATIONAL AG & marketing officer. He adds: “Even though the percentage of kitchens with RATIONAL units is constantly rising, there are still many we wish to inspire with the customer benefit we offer.”