Charles Spence on food, psychology and multisensory meals
Gastrophysics: The New Science of Eating is the experimental psychology professor’s latest venture into multisensory cuisine. He spoke to Thomas Lawrence about his findings at Portland Design’s New Food Frontiers seminar
More People News
New chairman announced for AFEHC
Daniel Domènech of Vollrath Pujadas, S.A.U. has been named as the new chairman of the Spanish Exporting Manufacturers Association for the Hospitality Industry

Antunes promotes two directors
Daniel Schmidt has being named director of strategic operations while Steve Obermeier has been promoted to director of sales

Gaylord Industries announces new Regional Sales Manager
Brad Reifschneider will be responsible for East Coast regional sales and business development

In memoriam: Michael Johnson FFCSI (PP)
The owner of Culinary Design Center LLC, who passed away on Thursday 18 May 2017, was president of FCSI Worldwide from 1993-94

Blog: Bill Main FCSI on the most powerful form of advertising
Bill Main FCSI compares the merits of social media versus the value of word of mouth recommendation in foodservice

Former Follett CEO Don Follett receives Daniel E. Cohen award for service to ProJeCt of Easton
Follett is recognized for outstanding support of the disadvantaged in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, community

FCSI Latest Members
  1. Elaine Liu
    Franke Foodservice Systems (China) Co., Ltd
  2. Ching Kwong Chung
    Delta Pyramax Co., Ltd
  3. Fares El Sayah
    GIF Middle East LLC
  4. Frank Hammer
    GIF Middle East LLC
  5. Stuart Morris
    International Restaurant Solutions Ltd
  6. David Clayton
    BSK Design
  7. William Blazvick
    Char Products, LLC
  8. Jay Bandy
    Goliath Consulting Group
  9. Laurent Courneil
  10. Adriano Fabris
    Angelo Po Grandi Cucine S.p.A.