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There is a smart way to host conferences at hotels that meet global companies' specific needs. Outsourcing expert Alan Ridgell identifies the key factors to consider

In the hospitality business, one of the ways to increase your revenues is by attracting business with professionals who want to spend time in a luxurious ambiance – hosting colleagues from across the state, nation, or world. Create a network of decision-makers in various brands and give them compelling reasons to choose your establishment as the location for meetings, events, and parties with their colleagues in their business industry. You can incentivize industry leaders to hold their meetings, events, and conferences at your hotel.

Having translation equipment will encourage people of different nationalities to feel comfortable at your events or conferences because they will know they can participate in the conference in a language they understand.

There are specific strategies you can employ to make your hotel the favorite spot for corporate meetings of any kind; below are some of them.

Relationship building and diversity: Many meetings and conferences are happening weekly in your city. Be proactive and build strong relationships with organizers or event planners. This will help to generate new revenue and profits for your hotel. Give a great customer experience, then speak with the organizers so they pen your hotel down for use in their future events. A great customer experience encourages growth via word-of-mouth marketing. You can throw a quarterly party hosting all the event planners and use it as an opportunity to get them to see your hotel firsthand and how suitable it is for events, meetings, and conferences. Having a translation system in your hotel will encourage diversity and business from global companies who need to be able to communicate with all their conference attendees. Let the event planners and conference organizers know that you have translation equipment.

Create a unique customer experience: When you create a seamless system for hosting parties, events, and conferences large and small, people are going to notice it. Develop the skills and expertise needed to host small and large events effortlessly in your team. Pay special attention to your catering, seating, décor, ambiance, and hosting strategies. Discerning event planners will see and associate your brand with excellence when hosting events. When your team display professionalism, it will stand your brand out as one with elegance and class. Solve problems, attend to requests promptly, and work on maintaining a reputation for a brand with the best experience in the industry. One tip that will help is integrating technology in your system to bridge all communication gaps between staff and management.

Be flexible in your methodology: Maintain your service quality no matter how large a conference you are hosting is. Staying on top of your game in stressful situations will help you attract more orders as your efficiency will be admirable. Some events and conferences give short notice and are sometimes half days. If your team is flexible and has the staffing to host two conferences in a day and still meet requirements, the collaborations with other brands will increase, and revenue will follow. If you can achieve set targets, you could very well double your revenue in a short period. Build a flexible team and train them to deliver the best at all times.

Excellent Planning: Employ multiple venue marketing strategies to create a great customer experience and receive the best results. Keep the possibility of scaling up in mind and improve your processes daily to enable you to outwit your competitors and seek global acclamations. These goals will help you get the best results for the planners or organizers of the events. Study and research how other brands host their events and conferences. As you host more and more events and conferences, you begin to increase your annual revenue. Using a specific venue will help you plan, and as you scale, your will gain more revenue and improve your business operations.

Online presence: Getting on the internet will help you become known as one of the best hotels where business meetings can be held. You can share some of your events and conferences on your Facebook page or website to attract more business. Your presence on the internet will attract more bookings. You can advertise your conference and event spaces to take advantage of the increased digital mobile usage. When people hear about your brand, they can find you via Google and check out your facilities before reaching out to you. Optimize your social platforms to display your hotel in a great light, thus attracting conference organizers and event planners to your brand.

A hospitality industry brand with translation equipment is focused on encouraging diversity, and global companies are always on the lookout for ways to make their delegates from other countries feel accepted and catered for. This is a smart way to host conferences that meet global companies’ specific needs.

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