FCSI’s Sustainability Stars podcast: Masaki Sugisaki

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Supported by Electrolux Professional, the second episode features Masaki Sugisaki, executive chef of London restaurant Dinings SW3, who shares his approach to sustainability

Hosted by Cameron Sharpe, head of insight at Progressive Content, FCSI’s Sustainability Stars podcast, supported by Electrolux Professional, is a new audio series profiling the individuals whose pioneering sustainability initiatives are changing the foodservice and hospitality sector – and, as a consequence, the planet – for the better.

In this, the second episode in our new season, we hear from Masaki Sugisaki, executive chef at popular London restaurant Dining SW3. Sugisaki talks about his zero tolerance approach to waste in the pursuit of sustainability in his restaurant.

You can listen to the episode, below:

Why acting sustainably is the right thing to do

“The reason we are supporting this new series with FCSI is because sustainability is a compelling issue – for all of us – and we are hugely passionate about it,” says Alberto Zanata, CEO of Electrolux Professional. “It informs our decision-making at every level, because we are all dependent on healthy ecosystems for our future. Electrolux Professional is working hard to reduce carbon emissions and use resources more responsibly. Why? Because acting sustainably is the right thing to do. It’s good for the people and it’s good for the environment but also good for business. Thank you for listening and enjoy the episode.”

Further details:

The final episode of this Sustainability Stars series will feature Mette Lykke, CEO, Too Good To Go.

Catch up with the first episode, featuring Philip Mahoney, Vice President F&B India, Middle East, Africa & Turkey at Accor.

This podcast series, available on both Soundcloud and Podbean, is supported by Electrolux Professional.

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