The role of foodservice management consulting in the ‘new normal’

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Produced for FCSI The Americas by Progressive Content, this whitepaper focuses on the changing landscape for management consultants, post-pandemic

Several months into the enforced shutdown by Covid-19, most foodservice operators are starting to get a pretty good idea of what they are currently capable of offering – delivery services is just one of many ways that restaurants have managed to keep revenue coming in – and what they will need to change in order to re-open in a safe and sensible way.

In an attempt to provide an overview of the challenges facing foodservice operators and management advisory services (MAS) consultants, Progressive Content has produced a whitepaper for FCSI The Americas to lay out the expected circumstances that operators and management consultants will have to adjust to once foodservice facilities can push ahead with re-opening.

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Among the points asserted in the paper is the expectation that foodservice consultants will play an increased role. As Fredrick Gordon FCSI says in a whitepaper about foodservice management consulting in a post-Covid world, if anything, the role of professional consultants will be bigger than it was before. “There will be so many moving parts and owners are going to have to reach out to those who understand, teach it well and get the best results from employees. If we do figure it out, consultants might be a lot more valued than they were before.”

The whitepaper makes a number of conclusions. First, that FCSI MAS consultants are in a unique position to use experience to help foodservice clients, while foodservice operators who survive the pandemic by exploring other revenue streams, such as delivery and carry out, will be in a stronger position to capitalize on these and grow once business returns.

The paper also concludes that safety and sanitation will be key to building trust with consumers who need to be reassured before they return to dine-in, while the pandemic presents an opportunity to re-evaluate business purposes and examine priorities. Going forward, says the paper, FCSI MAS consultants will need to help clients implement comprehensive pandemic proofing in future scenario planning.

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