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Hiring strategically is about finding candidates who fit your company culture, says outsourcing expert Alan Ridgell

In an industry that is very competitive, maximizing productivity is critical for survival. While it is not always easy to improve productivity, the secret could be lying in your hiring.

You must know that the first step to setting up your tourism and hospitality organization for success is hiring the right people and the right time – strategic hiring. Strategic hiring puts in mind the current and the future talents and skills needs of an organization. It needs patience, lots of planning and a deep understanding of the needs of your organizations. Moreover, it can take productivity to a completely new level. Here are some of the ways strategic hiring can help you increase productivity in your tourism and hospitality company.

Reduce disruption through timely hires

When vacancies stay open for a long time, you risk hurting productivity in a great way. Your current staff are forced to step in to do the extra work before you find a replacement. This can lead to overworking or even burnout, which can translate to less work being done.

Moreover, with all the pressure to perform, your current staff can end up rushing through the work, producing substandard work. You can avoid this by filling in positions faster. Moreover, this can only happen if you have a strategic hiring plan in place. A more focused hiring plan can help you see ahead, way before a position becomes vacant. You can then get in motion to start finding the right fit for the position.

Considering the fierce war for talents in the tourism and hospitality industry, strategic hiring can help you bag great talents before your competition does.

Save resources by hiring right

Besides finding candidates faster, the quality of the candidates is also very important. Your goal should be that new hires hit the ground running immediately after getting onboard. But, that can prove impossible if you rushed through the hiring and ended up with a bad hire.

In addition, a bad hire also means wasted resources. If you think about it, the recruitment process uses a lot of resources in terms of money, effort and time.

Moreover, if you make a bad hire, going back to recruit again means spending more resources to fill a single position. Strategic hiring can help you strike a balance between quality and speed. You can fill positions faster and make great matches while at it.

Enhance customer service by finding the right fit

Hiring strategically is all about finding candidates who fit in your company culture. In other words, finding people who are invested and interested in your business. And, that is very important in the tourism and hospitality business.

Customer service is everything in your tourism and hospitality organization. Hiring people who possess excellent customer service skills can assure you that they will do more to build your business.

Same goes for team building and morale. When you bring in a strong team player, you will be enhancing the already existing team spirit. And, that does a lot of good to productivity. Again, finding such candidates is possible only with a hiring plan in place.

Increase engagement by hiring from inside

Strategic hiring doesn’t just look on the outside. It involves keeping your eyes open on the current workforce and identifying top performers who can take up larger roles when they open.

Furthermore, upskilling your current employees to fill up higher positions speaks volume on their value to your organization. This is bound to increase their engagement and hence productivity. Besides, hiring from inside helps you fill positions faster to reduce disruption.

Free up resources by outsourcing

Employee management is critical for any business that is focused on improving productivity. However, it can be exhaustive and time consuming. By strategically outsourcing the hiring process to an employer of records, you will be freeing up resources and focusing them to increase productivity.

An Employer of Record (EOR) can help with hiring, onboarding, managing contracts, handling work permits/visas and more.

Moreover, tourism and hospitality business is global. If you want to open subsidiaries in other countries to increase productivity, an EOR is your best partner. They have the best technology to conduct background checks and engage candidates from all over the world. This includes video remote interpretation technology where they have to make hires in countries that speak a different language.


If you have been struggling with improving productivity in your tourism and hospitality business, it is time that you take a look at your hiring techniques. Stop hiring reactively and start being more proactive in your hiring.

As shown above, hiring strategically helps you hire quality talents faster to benefit employee engagement, team building and to reduce wasted resources. All these work together to drive productivity to higher levels.

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