More Americans leave Thanksgiving cooking to restaurants

Many plan to eat out for the special holiday meal, reports Tina Nielsen

Many people see Thanksgiving as one of the most important holidays of the year – it is also one where food takes center stage. Inevitably the preparation of a big family meal can be stressful and bring pressure to the most cool headed cooks.

Perhaps this is why almost one in 10 people have made plans to eat their Thanksgiving dinner in a restaurant. In 2011, just 6% of those surveyed said they planned to eat out for the holiday.

A survey from the National Restaurant Association found that many others are also planning to enjoy restaurant prepared food for their celebratory meal at home.

Enjoy the break

Those who are going out to eat value tradition and familiarity above all; 31% say that they are planning to visit a restaurant they traditionally visit on Thanksgiving while 30% have chosen one that they only visit for a special occasion. Just 18% report that they will visit somewhere they have never been before.

While many restaurants close to allow their own staff to enjoy a break with their families, a growing number of chains and independent establishments remain open to cater to those preferring to have the meal cooked for them.

Americans who are planning to celebrate Thanksgiving in their home will find that the turkey dinner is cheaper than usual. The American Farm Bureau has done the sums and estimates that the average Thanksgiving dinner for ten comes in at $49.12, a five-year low.

Tina Nielsen

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