HIP breaks all records in 2022 return

Last week, Spanish industry event Hospitality Innovation Planet (HIP) returned for its sixth edition, bigger than ever, as Tina Nielsen reports

The hybrid event, combining a trade show with a conference focused on hospitality and foodservice, returned to Madrid’s IFEMA exhibition centre where more than 512 exhibitors signed up to showcase over 1200 innovations, solutions and new products for the hospitality sector.

After a decidedly challenging 2021 edition of the show when HIP was the first in-person event in southern Europe to return – with Covid restrictions in place – it was clear that there was a pent-up demand for in-person events again.

Leaders in the industry

“We have broken all the records, not only with the number of companies that have participated in the showroom area, but also with the attendance of 34,857 delegates and 599 international experts and professionals in our Hospitality 4.0 Congress,” says event director Manel Bueno Ballesteros.

The conference area, with several auditoriums and speaking areas saw every topic, from global trends and challenges to plant-based products, sustainability and the rise of automation, covered by experts from Spain and abroad.

“It’s now been six years that this congress puts on display all the technological advances and champions sustainability in the hospitality sector,” said Reyes Maroto, Spain’s minister for industry, business and tourism. “This demonstrates that we are leaders in this industry that is so fundamental to the economic recovery.”

A brighter future

There was a buoyant mood among delegates, exhibitors, and speakers. “Everyone seems to have the impression that a brighter future is coming after two difficult years,,” says event director Manel Bueno Ballesteros. “It is clear that the hospitality sector is looking forward to be back to normal, as we have seen auditoriums, booths and corridors full of people with an open attitude to see, touch and enjoy innovation, as well as listen to the experts to catch brand new ideas and concepts.”

This year, there was an obvious intention to push on, pursue the recovery and thrive again after a hugely challenging period.

“Everyone knows that 2022 must be the big year to move forward and leave behind the worst moments of the pandemic,” says Ballesteros. “We must focus on how to make things better and, as we work in the happiness industry, we must remember that to  deliver happy experiences in hospitality businesses.”

Hospitality Innovation Planet will return to IFEMA exhibition centre in Madrid on 6 – 8 March 2023.
For more information, visit www.expohip.com

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