FCSI UK&I appoints joint vice chairs

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FCSI UK&I has announced two members will share the vice chair role, taking over from Matthew Merritt-Harrison as co-chairs at the AGM later this year

Jackie Snaith FCSI is managing director of Chapel Foodservice Consultants in Leicester, while Steve Cole FCSI is owner and principal consultant at Foodservice Ventilation Consultants in Newbury.

Current chair, Matthew Merritt-Harrison, says the joint role will allow Snaith and Cole to share the workload and support one another as they work together. “It’s all about collaboration. Most design and management consultants are SMEs, so you’re working with people who are very busy and need a lot of encouragement,” he says.

The right solutions

Of course, the biggest challenge currently facing the industry across the UK and Ireland is adapting to the new normal of socially distanced foodservice and the customer expectations that come along with it.

“FCSI consultants will be critical in coming forward with the right solutions for clients,” says Merritt-Harrison, who argues that the FCSI will remain fundamentally important as the industry works to recover from Covid.

“From a management perspective, there will be a need for high-quality management advice in terms of how catering businesses and contracts are restructured. From a design perspective, much of the industry has effectively been on hold for the last six months and there will be a need for that to build up and benefit from the level of design experience that FCSI consultants can provide.”

Liz Cooley