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Watch: FCSI Asia Pacific Division’s ‘Life and post-Covid interaction’ webinar

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Culinary expert Glenn Flood was the guest speaker. Additional presentations came from Joseph Schumaker FCSI and Remko van der Graff FCSI

On 6 November 2020, FCSI Asia Pacific Division (APD) hosted the first in a series of new webinar for members on the subject of how the foodservice profession in the region is working through Covid-19 – and how it must adjust to life after the pandemic.

Introduced by FCSI APD chair Mario Sequeira FCSI and Andrew Brain FCSI, treasurer of the division, the hosting team welcomed members “from Sydney to Singapore”, as well as attendees representing the FCSI Europe, Africa and Middle East (EAME) and The Americas Division (TAD) respectively, including William Caruso FFCSI, chair of the Society.

Collective intelligence

“All of us in consultancy and [equipment manufacturing] always look at specifications and the technical stuff, but Covid has taught us a very important lesson in life and our business. There is more to it than the ‘technical’ – it’s the human stuff that has come to the fore during this time,” said Sequeira in his introduction.

“I hope when we finish this webinar each of us can take something away that we can put into practice in our day-to-day lives so we can make or lives and businesses stronger and serve society better.”

Guest presenter Glenn Flood, culinary curator and coach, stated that the aim of the webinar was to provide value to FCSI members and to capture “the collective intelligence in the room” as he shared “stories and perspectives and different ideas that might unlock some thoughts for your business and your clients.”

Quarantine, said Flood, has been a bit like Groundhog Day, and asked members to think about one thing they had “learned about themselves” during that pandemic as they separated into three ‘chat rooms’ to discuss their individual thoughts.

Later in the webinar, foodservice consultants Joseph Schumaker FCSI, from the US, Remko van der Graaff FCSI, from the Netherlands and Leonard Lam, VP of marketing and operations for Welbilt Inc Asia Pacific, also shared their experiences about the impact of Covid-19 on their business and personal lives.

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The meeting recording can also be viewed by clicking here.

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