Dynamic Design Podcast

FCSI’s Dynamic Design podcast series

Supported by Atlas Metal

Posted on 17 June 2019

Dynamic Design is a new audio podcast series, brought to you by FCSI in association with Atlas Metal.

Each podcast episode features interviews with leading FCSI Professional member consultants discussing the key factors affecting the future of foodservice design. The series focuses on the four ‘P’s of design: Planning, Partnerships, Presentation and People.

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1. Planning

Why it is crucial in modern foodservice design to factor in and embrace innovative technology – from the latest BIM software to artificial intelligence and virtual reality – as well as keeping abreast of the latest insight and trends in consumer behavior in order to effectively plan and execute a cutting-edge foodservice project. Featuring William Caruso FFCSI.

2. Partnerships

Why collaborative working and effective communication between consultants, architects, operators and other major stakeholders in a foodservice project will always produce the best results. Featuring Kristin Sedej FCSI.

3. Presentation

Why form and function can be happy bedfellows when designing a commercial kitchen, but only when experienced designers fully understand the needs of the customer and the overall goal of the operation. Featuring Joseph Schumaker FCSI.

4. People

Why the wellbeing of the end-user (from the back-of-house and front-of-house employees, to the customers) must come first when designing a commercial kitchen space and why focusing on a happy, informed and motivated workforce is key to any foodservice operation. Featuring Laura Lentz FCSI.

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