Granuldisk in strategic alliance with Silanos

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The coalition is a strategic investment by Granuldisk's owner, Swedish investment company Sandberg Development

Granuldisk, a global leader in pot washing and granule technology, has entered an alliance with Italian Silanos, a market-leading dishwasher manufacturer in Europe. The coalition is a strategic investment by Granuldisk’s owner, Swedish investment company Sandberg Development, with the goal of developing and offering complete solutions for the customers’ all possible ware washing needs. 

Since 2019, Granuldisk and Silanos have collaborated on innovative technology and development, where three products are already launched and marketed under the Granuldisk brand. The experience and successes are the foundation for establishing a European technology partnership where the parties build on both individual and combined strengths to develop new and unique dishwashing solutions for tomorrow’s needs.

An exciting dynamic

“The collaboration is based on an exciting dynamic where both parties contribute and drive the development. We are convinced the result will be a broader and stronger product portfolio for a larger customer group,” says Mikael Samuelsson, CEO at Granuldisk.

“With the alliance we are strengthening our offer as a comprehensive supplier for the complete ware washing area.”

Further details:

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Blast chillers can be perceived as a niche product most suited for large scale kitchen operations. However, blast chilling and the overall cook/chill process may provide the efficiency operators are seeking as they are called to be more productive with less time and less staff

Blast chillers are sometimes thought of as a luxury or niche product, best suited only for large-scale cooking operations like hospitals, universities, and cafeterias. The truth is that almost any kitchen could benefit from integrating a blast chiller into their operation, perhaps now more than ever!

In these challenging times, operators continue to struggle with staffing issues that may result in reduced menu offerings, reduced hours of operation and increased labor costs.  As the labor shortage continues to impact the industry, maximizing productivity has become increasingly important. Fortunately, there is a solution that may be able to help, implementing a Cook/Chill System, a relatively simple process that incorporates Cooking, Chilling, Holding, Retherm and Serving in a streamlined operational flow.

Cook/Chill benefits

A Cook/Chill system can save significant time and money, allowing operators to do more with less labor, reduce overall costs, improve product quality, safety, consistency, and allow for other benefits such as menu expansion. Successful cook/chilling requires a combination of cooling food safely (based on FDA guidelines) as well as providing finished food that looks and tastes as if it was freshly cooked. Blast chillers are a key component of the cook/chill system and the best method for cooling food quickly and safely.  Blast chillers:

  • Work well with both solid and liquid products in small or large portion sizes.
  • Provide process control to assure rapid cooling without freezing.
  • Do not require a supply of ice or water, nor labor such as cold paddles.
  • Combine the process with critical documentation.
  • Have other uses such as: freezing food for long term storage, supporting salad bars, preserving leftovers, menu expansion & refreshing ready to eat foods.

Chill It: Traulsen Blast Chiller offerings

Traulsen offers a wide array of blast chillers at multiple price points to suit the various needs of the food service operator. Some easy-to-use features of the award-winning Traulsen TBC Blast Chillers include a hands-free Auto-Start, an adjustable Manual Operating Model Three Removable Food Probes (ideal for multi-batching), 90-Day Cycle Memory, an On-Board Printer and USB Port to retrieve past Cycle Data.

The newest addition to the blast chiller family is the Centerline™ by Traulsen Blast Chiller. Available in undercounter and reach-in models, these units provide rapid cooling capability at a budget friendly price. These models are an ideal fit for operators who appreciate the labor benefits blast chilling provides without the need for the additional features commonly offered in the traditional TBC Series.

Further details:

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The $7.4 million investment will create 60 full-time jobs

Phil Meredith, Foodservice SBA Director Americas announced the expansion of Halton’s manufacturing facility dedicated to the commercial air handling segment. Halton, a leading maker of commercial kitchen ventilation and air distribution systems, invests $7.4 million to expand the company’s facility in Allen County, creating 60 full-time Kentucky jobs. Works will start immediately and are expected to complete during 1st half of 2024.

The project will see the company expand its current manufacturing operation in Scottsville by 50,000 square feet (4650m2), bringing its operational space to 91,000 square feet (8450m2) at its second facility. This expansion joins its sister facility, bringing total operational area to over 180,000 square feet (16720m2). The added space will allow room for a research and development lab specifically for the air-moving product line.

The company will also add additional manufacturing space to allow for new product lines to support the overall growth of the business. The 60 full-time jobs created from the project will bring the company’s total Kentucky employment to 240.

Growing the team and facilities

“Kentucky has been a great home for our U.S. operations for more than 30 years,” said Mika Halttunen, chairman and owner of Halton Group. “We are excited to continue growing our team and facilities including setting up a new Innovation Hub and laboratory. This will enable us to provide the highest quality innovative air-handling products for the domestic U.S. commercial kitchen ventilation market and also to export those to rest of the Americas, Middle East and Asia Pacific.”

Phil Meredith noted the expansion provides a greater degree of manufacturing flexibility as the demand for Halton’s exhaust fans, make up air systems and pollution control units continues to grow. A dedicated air movement Innovation Hub will further enhance Halton’s product development and testing capabilities.

The new Innovation Hub will join 10 others around the globe dedicated to advanced research in indoor environments. U.S. operations expanded with a new manufacturing facility initially in 1997, with further expansions in 2016, when a new U.S. corporate headquarters for the company was established in Kentucky. In 2019, a second Kentucky-based manufacturing facility was opened to support the growing air-handling segment of the business.

Further details:

Halton Group is a global technology leader in indoor air solutions for demanding commercial and public premises, workspaces, healthcare institutions and laboratories, professional kitchens, ships, and energy production and industrial environments. Halton’s mission is to provide its end-users with safe, comfortable, and productive indoor environments that are energy-efficient and comply with sustainable principles. The company was founded in Finland in 1969. Today, Halton Group employs 1,900 people in over 35 countries. The company’s turnover in 2022 was 290 million USD (Eur 270 million).

For further information, please contact
Phil Meredith
Director, SBA Foodservice, Americas
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Kai Konola
CEO, Halton Group
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Equipro Ltd is excited to announce an exclusive webinar showcasing the pioneering FireM solution, taking place today, the 24th of May, at 12:30 PM BST. Hosted by Equipro Ltd, this webinar aims to unveil the future of fire safety practices, powered by the Internet of Things (IoT)

FireM transforms your conventional building fire alarm systems into IoT-connected powerhouses, offering continuous, real-time monitoring from any internet-enabled device. With instant push alerts for state changes such as faults, isolations, and fires, FireM prioritizes life safety and property protection.

Imagine the possibility of remotely overseeing the status of your entire estate’s fire alarm network, while receiving timely notifications for crucial changes. This enhanced connectivity can significantly improve corporate risk reduction, minimize on-site response times, and optimize predictive maintenance.

Join us today, the 24th of May, at 12:30 PM BST, to explore how FireM can redefine your fire safety measures, minimize asset damage during fire incidents, and reduce costly false fire brigade callouts.

Further details:

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Don’t miss out on this game-changing opportunity to stay ahead in fire safety practices!

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About Equipro Ltd

Equipro Ltd is an industry-leading firm dedicated to transforming fire safety measures through advanced technologies, prioritizing life safety and property protection.

Transform installed fire alarm systems to IOT enabled powerhouses by installing FireM


Just 4% TDS and 19% extraction in under three hours

Marco Beverage Systems, a global leader in manufacturing water and coffee brewing systems for the HORECA, food service, and specialty beverage industries has announced the release of ColdBRU : a new system that brews high-quality coffee concentrate in under three hours.

The Marco ColdBRU brews the quickest, easiest, and most consistent cold brew concentrate. With an average brew time of under three hours, delivering approx. 19% extraction and 4% total dissolved solids (TDS), the Marco ColdBRU gives you more from your coffee. In fact, when using the same amount of coffee, the Marco ColdBRU can deliver a higher yield of up to 30% more concentrate when compared with the leading competitor. ColdBRU is also compatible with POUR’D, using both products will maximize the ability to improve the speed of service & workflow and offer beverage flexibility!

The Marco ColdBRU uses a reusable metal filter. This removes the need for filter papers meaning you get the most from your coffee whilst saving on the cost and waste of consumables. This higher yield means less coffee wasted and more coffee to sell. ColdBRU is also easy to use with pre-set recipes and no need to pre-wet or stir coffee grinds, this allows more time to produce great-tasting coffee concentrate and less time on preparation.

This innovative product allows you to brew your own cold brew concentrate, without having to rely on other manufacturers to buy from, which is ideal for coffee shops or retail sites that want to keep their cold brew in-house but need an easy, quick way to brew coffee concentrate which is consistent brew after brew.

“Cold Brew is something every coffee shop has to have on their menu, but most don’t actually enjoy making it. It’s messy, inconsistent, and most importantly: time-consuming – not ideal for a busy coffee shop. Our ColdBRU system delivers coffee concentrate in under three hours. It’s quick, easy, and consistent – users simply need to press a button and walk away. The other key factor is profitability, our ColdBRU system enables a higher coffee yield, meaning customers get more from their coffee,” said Gemma Kiernan, head of marketing, Marco Beverage Systems.

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Ventless equipment promotes sustainability and energy savings

Restaurants large and small are planning their future operations around sustainability and energy efficiency.

Ventless solutions with advanced cooking technologies are quickly gaining operator acceptance. More than 300,000 pieces of Middleby ventless equipment, including griddles, fryers, and ovens, have been installed in around the world. The Middleby ventless portfolio is a proven option for operators focused on achieving their sustainability goals without compromising their menu options or food quality. These products include the EVent griddle by Evo, Perfect Fry countertop fryer, Blodgett Houdini Convection Oven, CookTek induction, Carter-Hoffmann warming and the Nieco broiler with Evo VentCore. Middleby has the largest portfolio of ventless equipment in the industry.

The Middleby ventless cooking equipment portfolio, available worldwide, provides a growing and established resource for foodservice operators striving to meet sustainability goals. Reducing the greenhouse gas impact and decreasing energy usage during the cooking process can be achieved by using Middleby brand electric ventless cooking equipment. Cooking and warming needs are not changing, so today’s operators are focusing on efficiency while there is a continued global demand for foodservice equipment.

Current regulations require externally vented hood systems

Restaurant operators are severely restricted when reviewing options for external venting in a commercial kitchen. Indoor restaurant operations have been designed with externally vented hoods and ductwork, especially if gas burning units are in use. Once an establishment starts their cooking equipment, the blowers in the hood system immediately begin extracting the air-conditioned cool air (or heated air in the winter), through the externally vented hood system. The entire time the kitchen is open air is continuously pulled into the hood and exhausted though the duct work and out of the building.

Another factor, currently many restaurants and ghost kitchens are built in non-traditional locations that make it challenging to accommodate hood requirements. This is where a ventless kitchen is beneficial as plans for external ventilation are not needed, keeping the premises in tact.

Sustainability action plans and next steps

The installation of ventless cooking solutions will help reduce energy use and in turn decrease utility costs associated with Type I and Type II hoods. Continuously exhausting restaurant air, typically through the roof, can be reduced dramatically by using ventless equipment.

This solution appeals to both the restaurant operator and their customers. According to a recent FCSI (Foodservice Consultants Society International) published report, the Tastewise 2020 database reports 23% of consumers now prioritize sustainability at restaurants. This report highlighted the need for operators to seek sustainable food sources and increase efforts to reduce the use of fossil fuels.

Middleby offers an innovative electric equipment portfolio, including several units with patent protection, that can eliminate the need for Type I and Type II externally vented hoods. This is a strong combination that allows operators to prepare an extensive menu while ventless cooking affords them dramatically reduced energy costs.

Further details:

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Alto-Shaam, a global foodservice equipment innovator, will demonstrate its latest product solutions at booth #4048 throughout the National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show

New to the show floor, Alto-Shaam will showcase its latest innovation in the combination oven category, Prodigi™. Combining multiple cooking functions in a single appliance, Prodigi ovens execute any dish, however simple or complex, with the highest quality, precision and consistency every time. Thanks to its boilerless design, Prodigi ovens result in less water usage and maintenance costs, while delivering superior performance. 

The new ovens feature intuitive controls and Wi-Fi capability. With minimal to no training required, the ovens can be easily managed remotely using ChefLinc™, Alto-Shaam’s cloud-based remote oven management system. ChefLinc allows operators to create, manage and distribute recipes to ovens through the cloud, providing foodservice operators control of their equipment, menus, and business from anywhere. 

Also ChefLinc enabled, Alto-Shaam will spotlight its latest Converge® multi-cook ovens. Converge ovens provide up to three independent oven chambers in one ventless footprint. Pairing controlled humidity and the patented vertical air flow of Structured Air Technology®, Converge can steam, bake, grill, air fry and more – at the exact same time, in each independent chamber. Converge also provides labor savings with its automatic self-cleaning design and consistent vertical airflow that eliminates the need to rotate pans.

“Alto-Shaam is excited to showcase Prodigi and Converge ovens, among several other new product innovations at the show,” said Lucy McQuillan, Alto-Shaam’s Chief Commercial Officer. “As a pioneer in the industry, we are committed to helping our customers achieve their goals through ground-breaking equipment innovations.”

Further expanding its merchandising product offerings, Alto-Shaam will highlight its new flat top two-shelf Heated Shelf Merchandiser that extends holding times and give greater line of sight to customers. With an added layer of top heat paired with gentle, radiant Halo Heat® technology, these merchandisers provide even holding for hours. 

Throughout the show, Alto-Shaam’s global team of chefs will provide live cooking demonstrations on designing and enhancing food offerings, such as grab-and-go, cook-chill, pizza, smoking and low-temperature cooking. The demonstrations will highlight tips to maximize food quality and reduce costs. In addition to Alto-Shaam’s culinary team, Charlie the Butcher, one of Alto-Shaam’s longest customers, will serve his famous “Beef on Weck” sandwiches.

To learn more, explore Alto-Shaam’s Show To Go page.

Partially automated solutions counteract staff shortages and save operating costs In the kitchen

Meiko, the specialist for hygiene technology and food waste systems, has been dealing with the challenges customers face in everyday business for quite some time. Foremost among these are the shortage of labour, exploding energy costs, hygiene, which is being driven even further by the pandemic, and the lack of space often found in large kitchens. These challenges come to the focus in all developments of the solution-oriented machine manufacturer. Partially or fully automated solutions that counteract the lack of personnel and work particularly economically are currently in particularly high demand.

The newly developed Meiko M-iQ Bluefire is an answer to the personnel and cost situation.  Meiko has succeeded in washing dishes, cutlery and trays in three lanes in accordance with DIN standards with just one machine. Trays even exceed the DIN standard, with more than two minutes contact time and thus an excellent drying result. The machine has a high level of automation, trays and cutlery are automatically fed into the machine. The dishes are manually fed onto the extremely wide dish track of 640 mm belt slot width (unique on the market). This means that GN containers and EN crates can also be fed crosswise. Technically, two dishwashers (one for dishes, cutlery and one for trays) have been combined. This accommodates the lack of space that is prevalent in large kitchens.

What does this mean in concrete terms in terms of costs, manpower?

Using the example of a completed project in Germany, a conventional semi-automatic belt machine was replaced by a MEIKO M-iQ Bluefire. The result was a total operating cost saving of approximately 94,000 EUR per year. The machine can be operated by 5 instead of 7 persons. Thanks to the high degree of automation, this area is no longer so labour-intensive and the employees are relieved. The Meiko M-iQ BlueFire is designed to run more quietly, emit less vapours into the room and ensure shorter working distances. All in all, a significant improvement in the washing process. The fact that there is only one machine means that the cleaning effort is easy to carry out and manageable.

New on the market and already winning awards:

Such innovative solutions are also looked at closely by experts, especially those who award prizes: MEIKO received the Kitchen Best Product Award 2022 and the Cooking Award 2023 in Gold. The jury was particularly impressed by the enormous added value for customers.

To see the products in action, check out these videos from completed projects:

Two become one at Provinzial in Münster: M-iQ BlueFire – YouTube
Customer: Canteen of the Provinzial Holding AG at Münster / Ville Valtteri Lammi,

Make one out of two – The new MEIKO M-iQ Bluefire at the University Hospital Erlangen – YouTube
Customer: University Hospital at Erlangen

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Learn how the specialists at LTI can help operators to rise above the rest

As any foodservice operator knows, space is at a premium in a servery. With counters, equipment, and space for merchandising, it’s easy to run out of room for serving trays, drop-ins, and heated or cooled surfaces. But what do you do when there’s no more room at counter height? The solution lies in moving upward.

Going vertical allows operators to serve more product in the same footprint by using equipment suited for this method. This can make serving operations more efficient and, more importantly, more profitable.

Advantages of going vertical

Going vertical with foodservice merchandising or serving lines can produce a number of benefits:

  1. Space optimization. Vertical merchandising maximizes the use of limited space, allowing for more products or food to be displayed in a smaller area.
  2. Improved efficiency. Vertical merchandising allows for a more streamlined flow of customers through the cafeteria, reducing wait times and increasing overall efficiency.
  3. Increased visibility. By displaying products or food at different heights, vertical merchandising can improve product visibility and draw attention to specific items.
  4. Enhanced aesthetics. A well-designed vertical merchandising system can improve the aesthetics of the cafeteria, making it more appealing and attractive to customers.

Beauty is in the eye of the customer

A fresh vertical arrangement also creates visual appeal, making it easier to move menu offerings. Two-tiered serving possibilities enhance merchandising by placing products at eye-level of the customer. Aided by the addition of accessories such as LED lights and polished tempered glass, vertical displays will create demand and can help prioritize food items in the eyes of customers.

LTI’s two-tier QuickSwitch Glass shelves cases allow operators to convert from a heated shelf to frost top with the flip of a switch. It is available in 28″ and 42″ heights as a single shelf or two-tier display. For instance, a frost top can be placed above a cold pan, essentially doubling the amount of display space for your selections.  LTI provides a number of vertical configurations to fit your varying needs.             

The benefits of this serving technology are numerous:

  • Ceramic glass converts from heated to frosted surface in one hour for changing menus
  • Upper and lower shelves are independently controlled
  • Speckled glass surface masks scratches and provides upscale appeal
  • Heat blanket technology ensures even temperature across the entire surface
  • Displays can be used for both packaged or unwrapped items

ADA considerations

According to Linda S. Roth, principal of Roth Consulting Group in Lockport, New York, it is crucial to keep in mind that continuing to meet ADA requirements should be a top priority when incorporating vertical serving options. “If you are going to reduce your footprint by incorporating vertical, having a deep menu should not be your driving factor,” said Roth. “Consider how you will be increasing volume, and therefore efficiencies, while still adhering to ADA guidelines.”

ADA compliance limits either side or front reach height to 48”, with or without a tray slide. A product placed on an over-shelf should also be displayed somewhere on the main counter to meet ADA requirements. “If you are going to utilize vertical serving, you need to think in terms of incorporating ‘same service’ design,” said Roth. “When a student or client cannot physically reach the over-shelf, an alternate location for the same product must be provided for a truly accessible design.

Design for success

Whether it’s a middle school cafeteria, university dining hall, or a c-store retail setting, the use of vertical space for serving and merchandising is sure to enhance the operation of any servery. Contact the specialists at LTI for suggestions on how to implement this strategy and increase your serving space while meeting ADA requirements.

Hose reels are a valuable tool for helping foodservice environments maintain high standards, but getting them installed can be a challenge

Safety is the first priority in foodservice, and that means keeping the environment clean and sanitary — plus preventing trip hazards for employees. One of the best tools you can use for the job is a hose reel.

Compliance through convenience 

Hose reels allow better cleaning than mops and buckets and reduce tripping hazards by keeping hoses hidden safely out of the way. They’re also quicker and easier to use than hoses that require manual winding. 

Keeping a hose reel readily on hand makes it easy for employees to quickly clean up and stow the hose safely out of harm’s way, saving costly time on the clock. And because even the best safety policies won’t protect customers if workers aren’t following them consistently, streamlining safety procedures as much as possible helps ensure they’re done the right way, every time. 

Common hose reel cabinet installation challenges

Traditional hose reel cabinets aren’t the easiest to install. Plumbers who arrive on site intending to do an in-wall installation often find the wall that is expected to house the unit has already been closed off. This leads them to improvise a different solution which is often less aesthetically pleasing than the original vision.

Also, because hose reel cabinets require a variety of components to accompany them, failing to have a part on hand — or installing the wrong part — can delay installation, sacrifice performance, impact the aesthetics, or result in a failure to achieve code compliance. 

Introducing the T&S EasyInstall Hose Reel Cabinet

The self-contained EasyInstall Hose Reel Cabinet from T&S Brass provides a clean look whether installed recessed or surface mounted, removing the need for unguided improvisation and protecting your vision for the facility.

Instead of leaving installers to source and gather required components, the cabinet comes with everything they’ll need right in the box, including flexible water hose connections, continuous pressure vacuum breakers, concealed or exposed piping, shut-off and check valves, wall brackets, and mixing valves. You can also choose to use Cerama or Eterna cartridges and have your inlets on the top or bottom. All options feature external water controls for easy access.

Having everything installers need right in the box eliminates the possibility of delays or non-compliance due to not having the right parts on hand and makes it easy to get the job done right. 

Why specify T&S EasyInstall Hose Reel Cabinets

Things move fast in today’s foodservice environments, and your customers expect installations to get done quickly. 

Specifying EasyInstall Hose Reel Cabinets prevents:

  • Reduced visual appeal due to installation work-arounds
  • Delays caused by not having needed components
  • Non-compliance due to missing or incorrect components
  • Reduced product performance due to component substitution or omission

Specify T&S EasyInstall Hose Reel Cabinets to get it done right — the first time.

Find model specifications, product options, pricing and more at