How to clean produce and save water at the same time

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The kitchen has a high consumption of water and produce rinsing is among the biggest sources of usage, but smart equipment can help in the effort to curb waste

Rinsing produce under cold running water is the best way to clean produce, according to the Partnership for Food Safety Education. But when an operator is cleaning produce in bulk, one big concern can be the wasted water — not only from an environmental perspective but also from a cost-effective one.

With more than half — 52% — of a restaurant’s water use coming from the kitchen, produce rinsing is likely to be one of the biggest sources of extra water down the drain.

Rinse better with UltraRinse

UltraRinse, an innovative new product from T&S Brass, can help operators clean produce more effectively and even save water in the process.

UltraRinse is a patented, easy-to-use swing nozzle attachment equipped with unique angled fan spray tips to maximize surface area contact, making it the perfect tool for washing produce.

Save water while rinsing

The design experts at T&S Brass are well-versed in water conservation efforts, creating industry-leading, water-efficient products that meet the strictest water savings standards, and UltraRinse is specially designed to help operators save water.

Being more water efficient can decrease operating costs by 11% and lower energy and water use by 10-15%. Using UltraRinse instead of a standard faucet-rinsing method can help a foodservice operation save water — and, ultimately, money.

Keep it simple with UltraRinse

UltraRinse mounts directly under an existing faucet or pre-rinse unit and is operated with a simple two-position handle. An operator simply chooses “spray” to activate the UltraRinse sprayer or “fill” to turn on the nozzle for filling the sink.

UltraRinse is easy to install and retrofit compatible with all T&S manual faucets, accommodating both 12- and 18-inch faucet nozzles.

Learn more about UltraRinse and how this simple tool can help foodservice operators rinse more efficiently:


Free from any contaminants, the biomass from MEIKO GREEN WASTE SOLUTIONS systems is the perfect feedstock for anaerobic digestion

In every professional kitchen organic leftovers are valuable resources. MEIKO GREEN WASTE SOLUTIONS systems help businesses to manage their food waste efficiently and sustainably.

Clean energy from Biomass

Biogas plants welcome food waste in a liquid format that is perfect for pumping. Free from any contaminants, the biomass from MEIKO GREEN WASTE SOLUTIONS systems is the perfect feedstock for anaerobic digestion.

Over 20% of the volume is broken down by bacteria and converted into carbon-neutral energy. The digestate can be used as fertiliser or as fuel to generate additional energy.

Recycling prep waste and leftovers has never been so eco-friendly and sustainable!

Further details:

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For your independent pizza restaurant customers, specifying the right pizza dough mixer can improve efficiencies and increase quality

For the customers who own and operate independent pizza restaurants, or for larger pizza chains, specifying the right dough mixer is important. It can help improve efficiencies in the kitchen, along with quality.

To help pizza restaurants get the best results, Hobart offers its Legacy+® HL662 pizza mixer. It is specifically designed to meet the needs of demanding dough production — all day long.

The Legacy+ HL662 pizza mixer offers two fixed agitator speeds that thoroughly and consistently knead heavy pizza dough. And it features the Hobart-exclusive PLUS System. The PLUS System delivers as much as 30% more mixing capacity in the same size bowl, due to the powerful combination of three industry-leading technologies.

  • VFDadvantage variable frequency drive – This technology delivers exceptional power to the bowl, allowing for better incorporation of ingredients, and it delivers precise motor control and protection. VFDadvantagesafeguards the motor from overheating if the operator exceeds the mixer’s rated capacity. It also ensures efficient speed changes during operation; there is no need to stop and restart the mixer. The technology provides a soft start function to reduce ingredient splash out and minimize waste. With VFDadvantage, operators can gain excellent results and more production time.
  • Maximum-capacity overheat protection – The mixer includes extreme-duty wiring and connections to handle more power, so operators can mix heavy dough without concern of overheating. That means less downtime and better productivity.
  • Reinforced planetary shaft system – This optimized shaft geometry and all-gear-driven transmission drives maximum power into the bowl by leveraging more of the motor’s precision tuning and high-capacity output.

The Legacy+ HL662 pizza mixer can mix 90 pounds of thick dough with an absorption ratio (AR or water weight divided by flour weight) of 60%. This bigger batch means better productivity for pizza kitchens.

A 20-minute SmartTimer™ feature has automatic time recall, which is useful for developing new recipes. It counts mixing times up and down, helping eliminate overmixing if operators are busy working on other parts of pizza prep. Adding to this convenience is an automatic time recall function that remembers the last time set for each speed.
Hobart also designed the Legacy+ HL662 Pizza mixer to provide operator assurance. The mixer includes a Triple Interlock System with MagnaLock Technology. This technology prevents the mixer from running unless the operator has placed the bowl fully up, locked it in place and secured the bowl guard.

Other valuable features include:

  • Quick-Release™ agitators with a pin that locks the agitator to the shaft, holding it in place and eliminating up and down movement. This feature provides consistent agitator-to-bowl ratio for superior kneading action and ingredient incorporation.
  • A bowl guard that can be removed without tools and that is dishwasher safe for thorough cleaning and sanitizing.
  • Single-point bowl installation to simplify attachment and a swing out bowl that makes adding ingredients easy.

The features on the Legacy+ HL662 pizza mixer can help your pizza restaurant owners and operators make the perfect pie — every time.

For more information, visit the Legacy+ HL662 pizza mixer product page.

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MKN’s approach is about more than just delivering products – it builds long-term partnerships with dealers and distributors worldwide to provide a reliable end-to-end service

MKN is a market leader in premium cooking equipment, offering a wide range of thermal cooking ideas for more than 75 years. A specialist in the development, design and manufacture of professional cooking technology worldwide, the company is headquartered in Germany.

MKN’s extensive portfolio of products and systems combines classical cooking equipment with innovative, multifunctional appliances. Intelligent products are designed to optimize production processes, focusing on delivering benefits for customers.

However, MKN’s approach is about more than just delivering products – it builds long-term partnerships with dealers and distributors worldwide to provide a reliable end-to-end service that encompasses technical expertise, product innovation, after sales support and more.

Innovations to support dealers include the MKN DigitalKitchen, an interactive kitchen configurator tool for real-time kitchen designs using MKN products, and the MKN Digital Centre with professional kitchen, from where livestreams, cooking shows, expert talks, webinars and podcasts are filmed, produced and streamed.

By their nature, MKN products have an extremely long service life and they are developed to conserve resources, reduce CO2 emissions and avoid waste. The portfolio includes modular and bespoke professional cooking solutions, including the FlexiChef® appliance for multiple cooking modes, intelligent FlexiCombi® and SpaceCombi® combi steamers, modular cooking technology for unique kitchen combinations and MKN Individual, manufacturing premium customised cooking suites.

MKN products have been installed in key projects and developments around the world including hotel chains Hyatt, Hilton and Ritz Carlton, airports such as London Heathrow and Frankfurt, top restaurants such as those at the Sydney Opera House and Burj Khalifa Dubai, as well as a large number of cruise ships.

Its expertise has been further demonstrated with major global award wins including a Gold Innovation Award at the Commercial Kitchen Show, Lower Saxony Foreign Trade Award and the Major Prize for Medium-Sized Business awarded by the Oskar Patzelt Foundation.

MKN’s focus is on innovation and sustainability. Recognising its responsibilities, it has built an extensive sustainability strategy, taking into account product development, supply chain, manufacturing facilities and more to reduce social and environmental impact.

MKN FlexiChef

The FlexiChef from MKN is a multi-award winning piece of equipment that lets kitchen staff cook, fry, deep fry or cook at high speed, all in one appliance.

By optimizing the complete cooking process, it increases efficiency in busy kitchens – with the added benefit of SpaceClean technology, the first and only automatic cleaning system for skillet pans.

The FlexiChef is up to two times faster than conventional pressure cooking technology and up to three times faster than conventional cooking equipment to help achieve kitchen goals faster.

It also includes MKN’s MagicPilot operating system, for fast and intuitive operation as simple and intuitive as a smartphone.

With a host of intelligent features, the FlexiChef supports kitchens to optimize quality, space and efficiency – a multifunctional appliance that heats, cooks and cleans fast, enabling chefs to use their expertise elsewhere.

MKN Combi Steamers

The MKN FlexiCombi and SpaceCombi ranges include a host of innovative functions to improve the ease of use, maximise capacity, increase productivity and deliver unform results, every time. All whilst supporting sustainability goals and with easy cleaning too.

The FlexiCombi, available in 6, 10 and 20-grid models plus FlexiCombi Team 6+6/6+10, can save three tons of CO2 each year. It uses a host of innovative technologies including WaveClean which enables a 36% reduction in water consumption compared with the previous version and tripled glazed door for 28% reduction in energy consumption compared to previous models with a double glazed door. It also includes a heat exchanger to ensure heat efficiency for greater energy savings, saving up to 2kWh per hour with the 20-grid model. FlexiCombi MagicPilot models are also certified to the Energy Star energy efficiency standard.

Also in the range, the compact SpaceCombi is just 55cm wide, offering the same features as larger models whilst taking significantly less space. Available as a single unit with six grids or SpaceCombi Team with 12 grids, it saves three tons of CO2 each year, with features including a triple glazed door to reduce energy by 28% (compared to HansDampf models with double glazed door) and reduce connected load by 25% compared to the FlexiCombi 6.1. SpaceCombi models can be completely self-sufficient if used with the optional MagicHood odour neutralising hood, reducing the need for any additional ventilation system (subject to site conditions).

Both ranges include a closed triple glazed chamber door and additional energy saving in the unit, which ensures low radiant heat to the outside. The WaveClean automatic cleaning function includes a circulation system for optimized water consumption, using only one (100% recyclable) cartridge. DynaSteam technology also ensures quality with low water consumption because the amount of steam needed at any given time is automatically adjusted to the amount of food being cooked.

MKN Modular

MKN’s modular cooking technology gives chefs the opportunity to design their own professional kitchen, with almost limitless variety made possible thanks to more than 250 electric and gas appliances across 700mm and 850mm body depths.

The Optima modular series of modular appliances is made from high quality stainless steel, offering seamless compatibility and perfect hygiene across welded cooking modules for easy cleaning. Choose from gas, ceramic and induction hobs, plate stoves, fryers, griddle plates, bain maries, pasta cooker, grills, frying pans, cooking cauldrons and more.

The induction range reduces boiling time by 55% compared to hot plates, with additional energy saving helping to ensure 2.5 tons of CO2 reduction per year with MKN induction ranges.

MKN Individual

Offering premium cooking systems made to measure, MKN Individual gives chefs the option to work together with our in-house trained specialists to develop a unique stove system that meets all individual requirements.

MKN handcrafts your desired stove system exactly how you imagined it, with quality right down to the last detail. Choose from more than 200 premium appliances, with a continuous hygienic cover plate, welded-in function modules, individual colour selection, the integration of logos and many other features.

As with the MKN modular range, the integration of induction appliances can reduce energy and boiling time, delivering 2.5 tons of CO2 savings per year.

Further details

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The need for cold storage capacity has grown exponentially across different industries, especially in foodservice

After the pandemic restrictions took effect, most foodservice operations were forced to transition from ambient to chilled and finally protecting themselves from loss with frozen products.

Substantial investment in cold storage capacity is an efficient risk management strategy that protects your operation. With sufficient cold storage space, stock is not a liability but rather a well-preserved asset.

Advantages of extra cold storage

You can customize your walk-in coolers and freezers

One great reason to invest in cold storage, such as a walk-in cooler, for a foodservice location is because you can completely customize it. This is perfect if you have a certain area that you need it to fit into, so you need the walk-in to be an exact dimension. This also allows you to make your cooler or freezer larger or smaller, depending on what your needs are. Often, there is also a wide spectrum of optional accessories available from the manufacturer to make your walk-in even more suitable to your operation. When choosing your walk-in exterior color, you can choose from stock colors, or simply provide a paint code for the color of your choice. Some manufacturers can also provide alternative exterior finishes including brick, granite, or even an exact match to the pattern of your building.

Adjustable temperature

The most efficient and essential feature of cold storage is the customization of refrigeration and flexibility in monitoring. These units are usually fitted with equipment for adjusting the temperature to your desired specification. So, whether you want your products stored at a temperature of -18 degrees or room temperature, you can easily change it depending on the prerequisite.

Efficient backup

As a foodservice operation, there is always a need for extra storage space either to store your food products temporarily or permanently. Having additional cold storage capacity provides you with extra backup space for storage and extra protection for your products in case of a power outage.

These days lead times seem to be getting longer and longer. With delays caused by labor shortages or supply issues, walk-in manufacturers can be as much as 8 months out. If you are remodeling a restaurant or other type of foodservice location, this can present a significant problem.

The Polar King Quick Build Program provides faster lead times on the most common sizes of our built to order walk-in coolers, freezers, and combination units. Constructed with the same seamless fiberglass design, quick build walk-ins are made to order which allows for customization on some aspects of the unit. Choose unit type (cooler, freezer, or combination unit), walk-in size, floor load rating, and door width.  The estimated lead time on these units is typically between 6 to 8 weeks. This ensures you get the refrigerated storage you need when you need it.

Cold storage on-the-go

If your business requires off-site refrigeration, is looking to increase bulk food purchases, or just needs to ensure a back-up plan is in place should an existing walk-in fail, refrigerated trailers are a great option. It’s common to see refrigerated trailers at festivals, sporting events and other short-term outings that don’t traditionally offer refrigerated space for vendors and caterers. Many of these trailers are designed primarily for off-site refrigeration where an electrical connection can easily be obtained. Or for power on the go, manufacturers offer gasoline and diesel generators for maximum flexibility.

In addition to standard refrigeration and freezer trailers, many sources offer Dual-Temperature Trailer. These trailer units offer multiple temperature ranges and are designed to easily switch from refrigeration to freezer applications. Dual-Temperature Trailers offer versatility and flexibility for your changing needs.

About Polar King:

For 40 years, Polar King has been revolutionizing the industry while maintaining its family roots and unwavering commitment to customer service. The company has provided thousands of one-piece walk-in outdoor refrigeration, freezer and trailer units to single unit operators, chain restaurants, schools, health care facilities, government agencies and school systems.

Polar King also has two complementary business units: the Polar Leasing Company and Polar King Mobile. Polar Leasing offers refrigerated walk-in rentals, while Polar King Mobile offers refrigerated trailer solutions stocked and sold through dealerships throughout the United States.

To learn more about the fiberglass advantage or for more information, call 877-956-7329 or visit

Unox has taken a major step towards its pledge to become carbon neutral by 2030, with the official launch of the company’s state-of-the-art new UK Experience Centre in Camberley, UK

The purpose-built site combines the very latest in sustainable materials, energy-saving systems, smart technology and the space to not only support the existing team, but to future-proof the building for planned growth and expansion across all areas of the business.

Following a multi-million-pound investment, the new UK Experience Centre houses a cutting-edge development kitchen, a fully connected service and training academy and a 20,000sqft warehouse and office facilities. Aligning with the company’s global commitment to sustainability, a project Unox call Net-Zero E-Mixion 2030, the building is designed from the ground up with the environment at its core.

“The launch of the UK Experience Centre represents a significant milestone for our company – a project that has been carefully considered and painstakingly managed for more than a year. The new site not only demonstrates the global sustainability commitment that Unox has pledged, but is also characteristic of the progressive, committed and supportive company that Unox represents in the UK and around the world,” says Nicola Michelon, CEO of Unox.

The new UK Experience Centre is a facility where we’re proud to host our partners – showcasing our innovative equipment solutions while working collaboratively to learn, develop and fine-tune our offering. Ultimately our new site enables our team to best support and serve our customers.”

Revolutionary materials

A project that started some 18 months ago, the Unox UK Experience Centre was created in conjunction with one of the country’s most respected sustainability consultants and features revolutionary materials. A bank of 287 roof-mounted photovoltaic panels produces up to 100kw per hour, off-setting the energy drawn from the grid. The remaining electricity demand is provided by 100% renewable energy from BrytEnergy – a supplier of zero-carbon electricity sourced solely from solar, wind and hydropower. At a rate that is twice the average business energy tariff, Unox does not just talk about sustainability but is investing in it too.

It’s not just the power supply that has been thought about at the UK Experience Centre. The floor is made from Marmoleum, a substance made from 97% natural materials, is carbon neutral at source, certified by the allergen council and is made in the UK. The office spaces are void of suspended ceilings, further reducing the building’s footprint, while smart heating and air circulation systems maintain a constant temperature, set 1ºc lower than the standard to save as much as 14% of energy usage.

On the launch of the UK Experience Centre, Unox UK Managing Director, Scott Duncan adds: “This is a proud moment for the team at Unox UK. Launching the UK Experience Centre is something that we have been committed to and fully supportive of since early discussions took place within the business several years ago. For a company like Unox, it is important to have facilities that we are proud to invite customers and partners to – exactly what we have with the new UK Experience Centre,” he says.

“Aligned with our net-zero carbon project, E-Mixion 2030, the site has been purpose-built both to meet our needs and to minimise our impact on the environment. Everything from the design and layout of the building to the materials used in the flooring, the installation of EV charging and even the living walls in the office to promote oxygen creation, help this to be one of the most sustainable, energy-efficient manufacturer buildings in use in our industry.”

The flagship site is open to customers, partners, dealers and distributors from across the UK, where Unox will host regular product demonstrations, service and maintenance training,

offer new product experiences and even deliver advice and support. The company’s culinary team will be based in the new development kitchen, complete with the very latest Unox equipment and connected technology for live, virtual and interactive sessions.

Further details:

For more information on the Unox UK Experience Centre or to find out about the products and services offered, please visit or call +44 (0)1252 851 522.


The new integrated technology of Unox allows you to store cooked food, keeping it warm and in conditions of total safety for up to 72 hours so as to be ready to be served at any time

Thanks to the ten-year research conducted together with the University of Parma, “Unox has ensured in-depth and complete know-how on food preservation,” says Mario Cammarota, head of the research ream. To preserve food properly, it is necessary to govern three main factors: safety to feed, persistence of food and gusto.

In terms of food safety, the preservation of hot food is much safer than food stored through the cold chain, because, unlike the refrigerator or freezer, which simply slows down or blocks bacterial proliferation, temperatures above 58°C eliminate it. As for the guarantee of keeping the foods at the right consistency, as if they were just cooked, a meticulous temperature control is necessary until the precision threshold of the tenth of a degree is reached, the primary feature of EVEREO®, the high-temperature maintainer for food that preserves foods at the temperature at which you want to serve them.

To preserve even the taste and aromas without cooling the food, UNOX has created MULTI.Day Hot Vacuum, the first and only system capable of vacuum sealing freshly cooked food, still hot.

“Preserving healthy food was not the only challenge to be overcome, the question of taste and aromas remained open. Food in contact with air, in fact, is subject to oxidation processes that spoil its appearance, taste and aromas. And that’s where we checked in. We immediately thought of the world of vacuum, unfortunately discovering that there were no systems capable of vacuum sealing containers or bags with food still hot inside. And we do not want to cool the food, to avoid crossing the critical area of bacterial proliferation,” explains Nicola Lai, corporate chef and marketing team leader.

Handling vacuuming processes

Unox has overcome the criticality by leaping the concept of vacuum, as Nicola Nanti, project leader, explains, “not by sucking but by generating a localized depression, exploiting the high-speed exit of compressed air through a calibrated nozzle”.

It thus becomes possible to cook in the traditional way inside steel trays and at the end of cooking seal the food under vacuum using MULTI.Day Hot Vacuum, the first professional equipment in the world able to handle vacuuming processes with still hot food.

To date, the processes of food transformation that underlie the organization of a professional kitchen are basically two. The first is the so-called “express preparation” where food is cooked and served immediately. A process that guarantees very high-quality levels but also an expensive and difficult-to-apply.

The second method is based on the concept of cook & chill or cooking, blasting – at positive or negative temperatures – and subsequent regeneration of food before serving. This simplifies the management of the raw equipment, facilitates the organization of high productivity days, allows a punctual rotation of stocks and is certainly applicable to all types of catering: a la carte restaurant, hotel, catering, QSR (Quick Service Restaurant), delicatessens etc. This standard, however, implies the use of more equipment and, above all, requires a qualified staff not only during the production process but also during the pre-service regeneration.

“We imagine how the organization of a catering can change, for the better, by conveying and maintaining hot food, ready to be served at any time, respecting the required quality standards. It is an innovation that facilitates the organization of work for the whole world of catering. Moreover, the savings that are obtained both in energy, given that cooling and heating is a more expensive path than simply keeping a food warm, and in terms of personnel involved in the regeneration of cold dishes is very evident,” comments Lai.

Among the different subjects-customers chosen as testers of the MULTI.Day system. Day there is no shortage of starred restaurants, where EVEREO® is used for special treatments, for example those of meat.

Today, thanks to the combination EVEREO® and MULTI.Day, every kitchen can cook exactly as it has always done and count on a real hot refrigerator that keeps food ready to be consumed, in any place, at any time.

This new technology made at UNOX represents a revolution and, in fact, has been awarded the SMART label 2019, the recognition of innovation in the hospitality sector promoted by HOST – Fiera Milano in collaboration with The Award is given to those products that emerge for distinctive characteristics in terms of functionality, technologies, environmental sustainability, ethics, or social implications.

Further details:

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1,000+ Items Listed on Leading Foodservice Design Platform

KCL, the industry leader in foodservice design technologies, announces that Unified Brands has expanded their line on KCL to include Power Soak warewashing systems. Power Soak joins Avtec, CapKold, Groen, and Randell to complete the Unified Brands family. The expanded library of CAD blocks, Revit families, and spec sheets is live on all KCL platforms- desktop, web, and the free app, KCL Mobile.

Unified Brands now lists more than 1,000 items from their extensive portfolio of premium-branded product lines. Offering everything from cook-chill production to meal delivery and continuous motion ware washers, Unified Brands serves the needs of commercial foodservice operators in restaurants, hotels, hospitals, colleges and universities, prisons, and schools.

Founded in 1907, Unified Brands products are proudly made in the USA. With current headquarters in Vicksburg, Mississippi, they also have a manufacturing plant in Michigan.

”With Power Soak on board, we make it easy to spec the full Unified Brands line,” said KCL president and co-founder, Kevin Kochman. ”It’s a testament to the value of KCL when a manufacturer includes their full family of products.”

For more information about KCL, visit

Work in commercial kitchens can be physically tough, which is reflected in the attrition rates of staff. Introducing equipment that lightens the load will help in retaining valuable talent

It’s no secret foodservice operations have some of the highest quit rates — rates that have increased from 4.8% to a whopping 6.9% over the past year, according to a report released in January from the Bureau of Labor Statistics — making finding the labor to keep kitchens running a challenge.

Foodservice operations require a physicality many other jobs don’t, with employees spending 96.4% of their workdays on their feet, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Finding ways to lighten the level of physical exertion on employees can go a long way toward employee retention, and that’s the exact driver behind the creation of T&S Brass’s DuraPull pre-rinse unit.

The most ergonomic pre-rinse unit on the market

DuraPull was built to reduce user fatigue. The innovative pre-rinse unit turns the water on when the handle is pulled down and automatically shuts off upon release.

The handle is heat-insulated, so the hottest water can flow through without causing the user any temperature discomfort. And the handle is ergonomic, designed for both efficiency and comfort.

With a 360-degree swivel rotation, there’s easy side-to-side reach as well, making the unit simple to use and operate.

Built for efficiency and durability

The physical toll isn’t the only place you’ll see savings with DuraPull. The automatic shut-off upon release eliminates the hold-down ring and can save a significant amount of water.

DuraPull has a spray valve flow rate of 1.07 GPM (gallons per minute), meeting the strictest Department of Energy (DOE) regulations.

T&S is known for its products’ durability, and the DuraPull is no exception. Its heavy-duty construction and 360-degree swivel rotation reduces stress on the hose and other parts.

After vigorous lifecycle testing, T&S offers DuraPull with an industry-leading seven-year warranty, ensuring it will withstand the busiest operations.

Find out more about DuraPull

Reducing the toll of labor on foodservice workers is something we should all be striving toward. Invest in your employees by investing in DuraPull from T&S, where comfort and durability go hand-in-hand.

Learn more about what DuraPull can offer busy kitchens:

MEIKO’s tagline, “The Clean Solution,” means customers can trust MEIKO warewashers to deliver absolute cleanliness and safety while optimizing water and energy consumption

You can count on MEIKO to have the big picture in mind: Healthy people and a healthy planet. We’ve been designing and building professional warewashing equipment for nearly 100 years. Our founders dreamed of making the world a cleaner, more livable place. That’s why we’re driven to protect people as well as our planet’s resources.

MEIKO’s 2025 sustainability vision

For years we’ve been implementing environmentally responsible measures in our factories around the globe, and now we’re taking our sustainability methods to the next level. Our 3P strategy focuses on five areas of activity that will set the course for an even more sustainable MEIKO. Those areas include production, developing new machines and technologies, infra-structure, purchasing policies, management culture and supply chains. We are taking a holistic approach, incorporating environmental, economic and social responsibility.

Innovation is key

Warewashing, cleaning and disinfection are indispensable – but we want to maintain superior hygienic results with less water, energy and other resources. Our commitment is unshakeable. We’ve challenged our development teams to find new ways to improve our own products, which will result in the most sustainable warewashing solutions we’ve ever built. Our next generations of machines will set new standards in resource conservation.

Longer machine life span and better reparability

Today’s MEIKO machines are designed to withstand at least 10 years of continuous use. Upcoming generations will last even longer and be even smarter, working in networks together, sustainably. We’re specifically focusing on five points to extend the life of MEIKO equipment and lower the cost of ownership for customers.

  • Lengthened machine life span
  • Equipment made of 90% recyclable materials
  • Comprehensive service to optimize and prolong machine use
  • 20 years spare parts availability
  • Value-holding reparability

Better equipment means better dishroom environments

Labor shortages are causing stress for restaurant and foodservice operators across the globe. MEIKO warewashers speed up kitchen productivity without sacrificing performance or a pleasant working environment. Ergonomically designed components are fast to access and clean. Easy-to-read display screens provide at-a-glance progress for operators. Short wash cycles deliver perfect clean that virtually eliminates the need for rewashing or hand polishing. Double-walled insulation and built-in heat recovery systems further improve working conditions to foster motivation and good health in the workplace.

Further details:

For nearly a century, MEIKO has been making the world cleaner with innovative warewashing, cleaning and disinfection technology—and we’re just getting started. We continue to set exceptional standards for every product we sell, and meet them by hiring the industry’s most skilled employees, creating breakthrough processes and designs, and manufacturing with the highest quality materials. “Made by MEIKO” is our promise of uncompromising hygiene, quality and sustainability.

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