FCSI The Americas On Tap

Welcome to On Tap Season 2!

During each weekly episode, FCSI The Americas Executive Director Wade Koehler interviews a different consultant member. Episodes introduce members of the consultant family and offer an insight into their unique and diverse perspectives and personalities.

New episodes of the podcast appear every Tuesday.

Coming Up

Wade is sharing the mic . . . . do you want to host?

You’ve seen the podcast, now be the host. FCSI The Americas is looking for a few guest hosts for a new version of our On Tap podcast series.

Our new series will feature a monthly 15-20 minute episode with more customer-focused interviews, featuring guests and topics you think your customers would like to hear more about.

If you’re a fan of podcasting and thought, “I would like to do that” let us know! You choose the topics (1-4 episodes) and guests (no more than 2 per episode) that you want interview in 2022. We’ll send you all the equipment and instructions to setup your own studio. It’s your episode, your questions, your podcast.

Submit your ideas and guest list to be considered by October 25th. Contact Wade Koehler (wade@fcsi.org) with questions.

Season 2

Episode 1 | Michael Pantano, FCSI, Culinary Advisors

Episode 2 | Joe Schumaker, FCSI, FoodSpace

Episode 3 | Terise Urias, Counihan and Associates

Episode 4 | Steve Crichlow, Compass Restaurant Consulting & Research

Episode 5 | Bill Caruso, FFCSI, Young Caruso

Episode 6 | John Radchenko, FCSI (PP), Van Velzen + Radchenko Design Associates

Episode 7 | Omar Pereney, Culinary Matters

Episode 8 | Howard Stanford, SSA Foodservice Design + Consulting

Episode 9 | Jimi Yui, FCSI, YuiDesign

Episode 10 | Harry Schildkraut, FCSI, S2O Consultants, Inc.

Episode 11 | Eric Goodrich, Rippe Associates

Episode 12 | William Taunton, FCSI (PP), GASTROTEC S.A.

Episode 13 | Brett Daniel, FCSI, Camacho

Episode 14 | Kristin Sedej, FCSI, S2O Consultants, Inc.

Episode 15 | Marcin Zmiejko, FCSI, YoungCaruso

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 Season 1

Episode 1 | Scott Reitano, Reitano Design Group

Episode 2 | Tarah Schroeder, Ricca Design Studios

Episode 3 | Steve Young, YoungCaruso

Episode 4 | Teri Kidwell, ATK Design Studios

Episode 5 | Doug Huber, Food Service Consultants Studio

Episode 6 | Kathleen Held, Cini-Little International

Episode 7 | Eric Norman, Clevenger Associates

Episode 8 | Christine Guyott, Rippe Associates

Episode 9 | Ken Schwartz FCSI, SSA Foodservice Design + Consulting

Episode 10 | Arlene Spiegel FCSI, Arlene Spiegel & Associates, Inc.

Episode 11 | Ted Doyals FCSI, Ricca Design Studios

Episode 12 | Bill Bender FCSI, SSA Foodservice Design + Consulting

Episode 13 | Peter Bryan, RealFood Hospitality Strategy and Design

Episode 14 | Marco Amatti FCSI, MAPA Assessoria

Episode 15 | Laura Lentz FCSI, Culinary Advisors

Episode 16 | John Barja FCSI, Foodesign Associates

Episode 17 | John Reed, Customized Culinary Solutions

Episode 18 | Erik Haviland, theFuze

Episode 19 | Michael Berard, Commercial Kitchen Consulting

Episode 20 | Gina Brinegar, Webb Foodservice Design

Episode 21 | Jay Bandy, Goliath Consulting Group

Episode 21 | Garrett Lennon FCSI, JLR Design Group

Episode 23 | James Camacho FCSI, CST, CDT, Camacho