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by Rossella Contato, Pasticceria Internationale

“Green” Materials reducing energy and water consumption, carbon footprint calculation and containment, efficiency of procedures: there are many areas where you can take action to improve the environmental impact of production activities of bakeries, catering, bars, cafeterias, etc., with advantages that often generate cost savings as well. This topic was the subject of a seminar entitled ” Progress of  technologies  for  eco-sustainability”, which took place on May 24th  at the headquarters of  CASTAlimenti in Brescia. The meeting was organized in collaboration with the Italian division of FCSI (Foodservice Consultants Society International), International Association of Professional consultants for the catering and hotel services. Numerous manufacturers of equipments and appliances presented the latest solutions developed  specifically to help enhance the sustainability of the production and distribution of food and beverages. ELECTROLUX,  in recent years, have succeeded in reducing  the consumption of electricity and water in their factories (the new plant in Switzerland is a virtuous example of sustainability) and  developed a variety of equipments with low consumption and low emissions, such as ovens, dishwashers and refrigerators, adopting for the last the Energy Label Classification (ECE). MODULINE Foodservice have calculated that their food regeneration and holding ovens allow to  reduce the consumption of water and electricity, respectively, by 92% and 32% compared to traditional ovens. RATIONAL have highlighted the characteristics of their  Self Cooking Centre White Efficiency, developed to optimize the cooking processes while minimizing consumptions. The event was also attended by IRINOX, they presented their  Multifresh blast chiller  which cuts down  by 35 % the electricity consumes in comparison to previous models.In his comment at the end of the event, Oscar Del Vecchio, Chairman of FCSI Italy, said he was pleased by the way Allied Manufacturer members responded to the challenge of dealing with a such an important and timely topic as sustainability, which has to be taken into consideration  when designing labs and professional kitchens or purchase new equipments.

Rossella Contato

Dida photoFrom left: Oscar Del Vecchio and Luigi Tonellato, respectively president and treasurer of FCSI Italy, Vittorio Santoro, director of CASTAlimenti.