HOTELEX Shanghai 2017

28th March – 31st March 2017

2017 3 28 – 3 31




This year in HOTELEX Shanghai, FCSI APD members’ are invited as guest speakers to give speech in two forums. We also have the honor to be invited to judge in the innovation equipment award!  Please see the below programs for all the amazing events!

今年在HOTELEX上海,FCSI APD成员被邀请作为演讲嘉宾在两个论坛上发表演讲。 我们也荣幸被邀请在创新设备奖评审! 请参阅以下程序:

28th March 2017

Forum 1: 商用厨房设计创新论坛  Innovation Kitchen Design Forum 

厨房设备创新设计评选  Innovation Equipment Award

29th March 2017

Forum 2: 中央厨房建设与发展高峰论坛 Central Kitchen Construction and Development Forum 


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